Rossville Shopping Center
990-1026 Rossville Avenue | Rossville | Staten Island NY

The Rossville Shopping Center was constructed to serve the residents of Woodbrooke, the 1,150-unit housing development of townhomes, two-family houses, and apartments built by Muss in the 1980s. The shopping center was designed to complement the architecture of the residential development. Built with tan and brown brick, it features a green gable roof and ornamental treatments at entryways. Since its opening, a new and expanded Ideal Fresh serves the local population.

Located to the west of Prince’s Bay on the South Shore of Staten Island, Rossville is served by local and express buses.

  • Property Type: retail
  • Floors: 1
  • Total SF: 26‚644
  • Stores: 10
  • Built: 1992
  • Parking: 85 Spaces
  • Major Tenants
  • Ideal Fresh
  • Carvel
  • Heartland Bagel
  • D & M Hair Salon