1 Brooklyn Bay
180 Franklin
Forest Hills Tower
New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge
7000 Austin Street

Founded in 1906 Muss Development has grown to become one of the largest real estate development companies in New York City, building more than 15 million square feet of commercial, residential, industrial and retail space throughout the five boroughs. Over the past decade, that experience and insight have been applied to a broader geographic area as our portfolio expanded to include investments in residential communities and retail centers throughout the East Coast.

New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge

A family business, the core value of the company is handed down from generation to generation: create value in properties that will withstand any market to ensure long-term success. Decades of experience, extraordinarily stable management, and generations of real estate have created a portfolio that is built to last. The longevity, success, and quality of Muss’s properties have earned us our trusted reputation with investors, lenders, commercial tenants and community residents, alike.

Agora Building